Welcome Message

June 27, 2011

Welcome to all string players: students, teachers, amateurs and professionals!

Thank you for your interest in Cedar Coast Music. This site features technical studies and methodology for violin and viola, mostly beginning and intermediated levels, and will be fully operational by October 2011. The works, formatted for letter-sized paper, will be available for immediate download, with some free of cost. Interested buyerswill save on binding and postage.

The first volume, “Towards Strength and Agility”, offered without charge, is loosely patterned on traditional left hand exercises by Dancla and Schradieck. The works of these artist/teachers are published domestically (North America) and exist in viola transcription. These works are supplementary to the usual scales and etudes and specifically address moderate to difficult fingering combinations and their repetitions.

Future offerings will include bowing technique, shifting, rhythmic studies and the many other trappings and demands associated with learning and maintaining our technical abilities.