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22 Special Daily Exercises for the Violin

Advanced technique.  More than a daily dozen.  More than a handful!.  In his later years, Musin taught in America.  84 pages.

22 Special Daily Exercises for the Violin (Transcribed for Viola)

Advanced technique.  Scale systems of Leonard and Paganini (attributed) included as well as chapter on down bow, up bow staccato.  Full transcription from violin volume.  84 pages

Studies (Violin)

Digital reprint, with new editing, of H. Kötscher’s 1912 edition.  Arrangements of different works.  30 pages.

Studies (Viola)

Full transcription of violin volume.  Wonderful music, presented as studies, for the intermediate player.  30 pages.

Violin Calisthenics and Exercises

Hubert Léonard’s, Violin Calisthenics and Exercises for left-hand finger strength and right-hand mastery through playing scales and practicing notes. 92 Pages.

Towards Strength and Agility for Viola

Left hand exercises based on Schradieck and Dancla. 1st position intermediate ability. Use for warm-up and daily calisthenics. This is a transcription of the violin file. 27 pages.