Steven Staryk Collection of Exercises (Violin and Viola)

Available as a free download in the “Sheet Music” tab, the full, unabridged title is actually “Collection of Original and Other Exercises Compiled for Daily Use.”  Mr. Staryk made use of these exercises to his students and classes for many years.  They are complemented by right hand exercises, which are nearing completion for publishing on this site, with amplified text and a French translation.  The exercises, digitally engraved, are faithful to Mr. Staryk’s system of notation and to the extreme brevity and clarity of his comments, with the exception of Exercise XII, written in full.

Violists please note that Exercise IX involves extreme extensions: marvel and observe, but avoid playing them!  There are plenty of exercises for all levels and ages.  I have found that young students, with little or no theoretical studies in music, and adult amateurs as well have difficulty in transposing.  Thus the reason for for the transcription.

So, enjoy – er, get to work!